Trailer Round Up: Asura’s Wrath

Although not a part of the JUMP Festa trailers, I thought I’d share this one as well. Capcom seems to have a pretty strong line up going into 2012 with the release of two Resident Evil games, Dragon’s Dogma and the game  that this trailer is based on, Asura’s Wrath.
When it was shown back at E3 2011 and TGS 2011, some in the Western have dismissed the game as nothing more than a God of War clone, just with Asian mythology. With all the previous trailers that have been release (like the one with Asura kicking ass with nothing but his feet) and this new trailer, I think Asura’s Wrath is shaping up quite nicely and a breath of fresh air from Capcom. Now on to the trailer:

This trailer actually gives us more details about out the demi-god hero, Asura. From the looks of it,it seems the he was once in service to the emperor of all the gods. Here he and others are attacking objects coming from earth, which seem to be coming from hell or the Asian version of it. After the battle he goes home to his wife and daughter. Then it cut to him standing over the body of the emperor, his hands covered in blood. He goes home and sees his wife also dead. It’s not till later that he realizes that he has been set up and his former allies turned on him, bashing him to Earth. This is one of the newer IPs that Capcom has that I’m really excited for. A demi-god on the war path for vengeance, a story filled with mythology unfamiliar to us,  coupled with fast paced action courtesy of Cyber Connect 2 (Naruto Ultimate Ninja series) Asura’s Warth certainly has my attention. The game is set to release February 21 2012 in North America, the 23rd  in Japan and the 24th in Europe. 


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