Trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal released


A month back, during the Viz Media panel at Anime Central, Viz revealed made two big announcements. One was that they will be bringing back the classic Sailor Moon and re-dubbing it for a Blue-ray/DVD release. This release will be the uncut version and will include all of the movies and the unaired season fifth season of Sailor Moon which was called Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars. The second announcement was Sailor Moon was being rebooted ala Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood as Sailor Moon Crystal and will see a simultaneous stream of the new show through Viz Media’s Neon Alley section on Hulu Plus. So far only screen shots of the new anime have been released, showing that the design of the Sailor Scouts will follow closely to the style of the manga.

Today on the official Sailor Moon You Tube channel, a trailer for the new show was released showing the girls in motion:



This might anger some of the fans of the original anime, but I think I prefer this look to Sailor Moon over the 90’s version. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 90’s version of Sailor Moon, I grew up watching it ┬áright next to Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakasho. But this new version of the anime, it just feels right. Just like the manga, this version looks more fantastical more magical. And it should since this was the anime that made magical girl shows popular. Regardless if you like the original or the new anime, there is plenty of Sailor Moon to go around this year.


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