The Import Report: Tokyo Jungle

In today’s Import Report, I want to cover a game that I first heard of during TGS 2010. Its called Tokyo Jungle, and you play as a cute fluffy Pomeranian dog fighting for survival. Yes, that’s right, you’re a dog.
I know, my first reaction to this game was “Japan…..what the hell is this?!?!” But as I learned more about the game, I was now going, “Take my money Sony!!! Can I haz?”. What’s the game about, you maybe asking. He’s the gist of it: Tokyo Jungle is a survival game developed by Crispy’s and Playstation C.A.M.P (Creator Audition Mash up Project). In Tokyo Jungle humans for some unexplained reason has disappeared off the face of the Earth. With the humans gone, animals started to roam around Tokyo making the city streets their new home. The game has players take control various animals, ranging from the Pomeranian to baby chicks, and forces you to fight for survival. Its a simple concept really, but taken to a whole new level when playing as animals. Wild instincts take over as we see animals adapt to the situation.

A trailer was released sometime go showing off a few of the animals that players will be controlling and also shows a bit of combat:

As you can see in the trailer, you’re not the only one that wants to survive in a literal dog eat dog world. But fear not, for you can recruit other Pomeranian dogs, basset hounds or whatever animal that happens to allied with you in the name of share survival. As you travel the abandoned streets of Tokyo, a predators of eons past will rise up. I’m talking about dinosaurs. Yep, if it wasn’t enough that you have to encounter enemies that are a few feet bigger than you, you encounter dinosaurs. Why? The game hasn’t really touched as to why they are alive. But I say who care that is so cool!!
The game is set be released in June and I want it. Sony if your reading this, please bring it over here. If not I’ll be more than happy to import it if you don’t bring it over. Think about it alright. 


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