TGS 2017: EDF’s Wing Diver takes flight in Earth Defense Force 4.1: Wing Diver The Shooter


We all know that the EDF series is ridiculous and over the top. Well how about we get taken even further, into the skies in fact, as D3 Publishing showed off one more EDF game (at least i think its the last one) at TGS 2017. This time players take on the jet boosters of the Wing Diver unit and soar to the skies to rain down fire in Earth Defense Force 4.1: Wing Diver The Shooter.



Wing Diver The Shooter takes is a 3D shooter that has players take control of the Wing Diver as she rains down fire from above helping her fellow EDF members. I really have nothing else to say about this other than I want it to come to the West. Its EDF, its a bullet hell shooter, its the best of two worlds. Earth Defense Force 4.1: Wing Diver The Shooter is set for a Fall 2017 release in Japan with no word on a Western release.


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