TGS 2014: The Great Ace Attorney trailer

The 2014 Tokyo Game Show is in full force this week and a whole slew of trailers have been coming out of the show. So let’s not waste any time and kick things off with the next entry to the Ace Attorney series. Back in April Capcom teased a new entry to Ace Attorney series that takes place during the Meiji Era in Japan and stars Phoenix Wright’s descendant  Ryunosuke Naruhodo.  Here is the new trailer for the game that tells more about how Ryunosuke became a lawyer, new characters and new gameplay mechanics:




While the trailer is mostly in Japanese, from what I can tell is that Ryunosuke travels from Japan to England to learn Western law. Also along for the ride seems to be the descendant to Mia and Maya Fey. The two are joined by a brilliant Englishman who is great at solving crimes making deductions. If you thought it was Professor Layton, nope the good professor isn’t on this journey. In fact it is none other that Sherlock Homes. So it seems that in addition to Western law, Ryunosuke will also be gaining his deduction skills from Holmes himself.

The Meiji era was a time that Western thoughts and philosophies started to be accepted by the Japanese after years of fighting. So it’s going to be interesting to see how Ryunosuke interacts with the English culture. The game has a release window of 2015 in Japan and as for a Western release, there is a slight possibility.


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