TGS 2014: Square to bring Final Fantasy Agito to Vita as Final Fantasy Agito+

Fans were pretty upset when Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy Type-0 was skipping the Vita in favor of a next gen multiplaform release. They got even more upset when Square also announced a companion game called Final Fantasy Agito was going to see a release only on mobile devices. During TGS 2014 this past weekend, SE revealed that Final Fantasy Agito would indeed be coming to the Vita in the form of Final Fantasy Agito+. Here is the trailer that SE released during the show, which also reminds fans about the release date for Agito (which is October 2):



Final Fantasy Agito+ for the Vita will be released in Japan January 15, 2015 for 3,800 yen or about $35 USD. As for a Western release, I think it might depend on how well Final Fantasy Type-0 will do.


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