TGS 2014: Disgaea 5 launch date revealed, new trailer shown

When Disgaea 5 was announced last week for the PS4 during Sony’ pre-TGS conference, JRPG fans got very excited to see the franchise make the jump to the system and only to the system. During TGS this week a new trailer showing off a new cast of “heroes” was revealed as well as a release date for the game:



The main theme for Disgaea 5 seems to be revenge. An evil emperor by the name of Void Dark is devastating numerous Netherworlds with army The Lost. The Overlords of each Netherworld have now banded together in order to take revenge on Void Dark and his army. Disgaea 5 is set for a Japanese release date of March 25, 2015.  As for a Western release date, Disgaea is a very popular series so expect to see the game released sometime after the the Japanese release.


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