Terror Expo 2016: Librettos of Strange Fantasy interview

Librettos of Strange Fantasy


Back in a time before there was the Internet and cable TV, most people would get their entertainment from radio dramas. These dramas ranged from science fiction and detective noir to westerns and even horror. While the days of gathering around the radio and waiting for the tubes to warm up in time for the show are long gone, the spirit of the radio drama lives on in the form of podcasts. At Terror Expo 2016 NoahMoises, our correspondent for the show, sat down with one of the creators of Librettos of Strange Fantasy for an interview:




For more information about Librettos of Strange Fantasy and to be notified for show updates and other exclusive content, check out their Facebook page. You can also listen to season one right now on iTunes, Soundcloud, and You Tube. Season two is set to begin this Spring 2016, so be sure to tune in. If you dare…..


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