Takamasa Shiba talks about his experiences with Drakengard series

Drakengard series producer Takamasa Shiba talks about his history with the series, plus prequel novella for Drakengard 3..

It’s seems that it has been a long journey for Drakengard 3 to get developed. Series producer Takamasa Shiba explains some of the trials that he and his team went through in developing the Drakengard and how facing these problems have helped him grow as a developer in the first developer’s diary for the game:

What has me interested is that the development team will be fleshing out the backgrounds of NPCs that you will encounter in the game through a novella that will be posted online. While this might not sound much since the Japanese have been going this for various games, what makes it interesting is that these novellas will be in English as well. This is a great part on Square NA’s part as this will be the first time that we get to enjoy a back story novella as well. Unlike the novella that SE did for Final Fantasy XIII.
Dralengard 3 will soar on to the PS3 May 20.
Source: Playstation Blog 


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