Fans of the DJMax franchise, throw your hands up and get ready for the beat to drop. Its been a couple of years since the release of DJMax Technika Tune. While there are other rhythm games for fans to keep busy, none could match the intensity that the DJMax franchise brought. It was as if you had your own private club that could fit in your pocket. Now the beats are back as PM Studios and Acttil with SUPERBEAT XONiC.

Let the beat drop

Improved interface- While Techinka Tune for the Vita was a great music game, the interface wasn’t that great. The main reason is that most of the on screen prompts that the player nedded to touch and follow were all located across the center of the screen. Now this would be find if the screen a was a bit larger on the Vita, but it isn’t.  The Vita’s smaller screen makes things  a bit crowded. XONiC improves on the interface by moving the area players have towards the left and right sides of the screen while the music prompts now fly down the center of the screen. By having the interface in this configuration, players can now clearly see what prompts to press and enjoy the colorful visuals at the same time without the player’s fingers getting in the way


45 plus songs in game- Due to the limitations in previous DJ Max games, there would only be a handful of songs that were in game while the rest were regulated to DLC. XONiC however is packed with 45 plus songs in the game, the most songs in the history of the series. The music selection ranges from K-Pop and J-Pop to House, Trans and various other EDM genres. So there’s literally something for everyone to play and enjoy.


DLC songs coming soon- In addition to the 45 songs that are in game, PM Studios and Acttil will be adding in more songs through DLC. Some of these tracks will be classics from previous games

Very high replayablity-  XONiC follows the same equation that most music games use when there is a concern about replayablity. It’s equation goes along the lines of the following: 45 plus songs in game + DLC songs inbound + three difficulty levels + two modes= hundreds hours of replayablity. There are also a dozen modifiers that players can use to make the game easier to play or give them a challenge. If you’re a hi-score junkie, then you’ll be pleased to know that  XONiC also has local and global ranking boards for each difficulty and mode. 


Missed beats 

Mostly nitpicks- Most of the problems that I had with XONiC, which there are a few, were not game breaking and just mostly stylistic nitpicks. The biggest nitpick was the load times were a bit long I think. Other than that, XONiC is a pretty solid game.


SUPERBEAT XONiC is a must have for those who were fans of the DJ Max series and fans of music rhythm games in general. With over 45 music tracks in game, three different difficulties, two main modes, several game modifiers and DLC coming soon, there is plenty for players to keep busy with.  Not to mention local and global score boards for those who love to chase down top scores. I don’t have any real complaints that detracted the fun I had, only a few minor nitpicks. If you love EDM and rhythm games, XONiC is a must buy.




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