Square Enix reveals Shinra Technologies

A few months back a trademark made by Square Enix was discovered. The name that the trademark was under was Shinra Technologies. As many fans will know, Shinra Technologies was the name of the power company that players fought against in Final Fantasy VII. When that connection was made, the internet was a buzz thinking that the long awaited remake of FF VII was finally going to happen. When asked, SE did not make any comments about the trademark and went dark on the matter.

During TGS this past week among the several Final Fantasy released announcements finally released a statement regarding Shinra Technologies in the form of a video:



For those thinking that this was the HD remake of FF VII, sorry its not. It seems that with other companies jumping on the cloud gaming train (Playstation Now, EA Access, WB’s service) SE has decided to also jump in with Shinra Technologies. The only difference between those and Shinra Technologies so far is that through Shinra Technologies, SE plans to partner with other game companies to develop “new never before seen game experiences and will become the hub of a high end cloud community for gamers.”


Whatever SE has up their sleeves seems interesting enough. They do have the technology, the only thing they need is gamer support. This is due to the fact that gamer support for the developer/publisher has been declining the last few years.


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