Square Enix announce Star Ocean V Integrity and Faithfulness for PS4 and PS3

With all of its focus on Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest, many people might have forgotten that Square Enix also has the Star Ocean franchise under its umbnerella of JRPGs. While not as popular as the Big Three, Star Ocean has a very sizable fan base and have been begging for another entry to the series since Star Ocean The Last Hope was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2009. Now fans will get their chance. SE has announced the latest chapter in the Star Ocean franchise, Star Ocean V Integrity and Faithfulness for the PS4 and the PS3. Here is the announcement teaser trailer that SE put out his past week:




Not much is known about Star Ocean V other that it supposlly takes place between Star Ocean II and III and is about 30% done. Hopefully SE reveals more information about the game when E3 rolls around.


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