Square Enix and Temco Koei release battle trailers for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

As Square Enix and Temco Koei are on the final leg of finishing up Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade, they have release four battle trailers that show off four different fighters and their move sets. The four fighters shown off are Cecil Harvey, Onion Knight, Warrior of Light and Friron:







Out of all Final Fantasy games that have been revealed, its surprising to see a ton of fans looking forward to Dissidia even though its an arcade game and might not see a Western arcade release. However a console might be possible, since Temco Koei’s Team Ninja, the team behind the Dead or Alive franchise, is developing it. But that’s just pure speculation. Either way if you are around any arcade in Japan on November 26, be on the look out for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade.


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