Sly Cooper sneaks his way into theaters in 2016

First Ratchet & Clank. Then Nariko. And now thanks to Sony and Rainmaker Entertainment, Sly and crew will be getting a movie.

While I did joke about Sly getting a movie after it was announced that Heavy Rain was getting a movie, I didn’t think that Sony Pictures would give this a green light. So the fine folks over at Rainmaker Entertainment (responsible for the majority of the Barbie films, ReBoot, Beat Wars, Escape from Planet Earth) talked with Playstation and Sucker Punch Productions and asked for a shot at Sly Cooper as well (they are currently producing the Ratchet & Clank movie). They said yes and here is what they have to show:

At first the animation looks way different from the cell shaded styling of the games. Each of the characters also have been redesigned and Sly’s voice actor has been changed. I think the movie has potential, even though many die hard fans of the game are not liking the changes made.I think once a full trailer is released I’m sure their minds will be changed. Be on the look out for this furry thief in 2016.
Source: Playstation Blog


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