Rising Star Games to localize Drive Girls for Vita in Europe



Even though time and time again people say that the Vita is long dead, a game gets announced and release, though the majority of the time they happen to be JRPGs. And even so, the majority of the releases (at least in North America) have been digital. In Europe however, publishers like Rising Star Games are committed to bringing physical copies to fans. Case in point Drive Girls.



Drive Girls is developed by Tamsoft of Senran Kagura infamy. From what I can tell from the press release that was sent out, the game is about five girls who transform in super cars in order to fight off an invading mechanized bug enemies. The girls and their car forms will be customization and will have the fast pace action of the Senran Kagura games. The game is set for a May 26th release in Europe. Though there is no word on if the game will make the jump to North America, Vita games are region free, though any potential DLC will be only accessible using a PSN EU account.



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