Relive the golden era of first person shooters with Gunscape

Ever since Minecraft came into being there have been a ton of sandbox world building/crafting games flooding the market. While some do try to change up the Minecraft formula to create something new and unique, others just copy Minecraft, slap their own logo on the game and hope no one notices. Just when you think that there is enough clones of Minecraft, Blowfish Studios announced their latest game, Gunscape.


Now at first glance you might think that this is just another Minecraft clone, but its not. What this game is, is actually a tool set that pulls inspiration from classic FPS of the 90’s and 00’s and let’s players craft and create their own death-match arenas.  Here is the trailer that the Australian based indie developer released showing off Guncraft and the potential it has:



The art direction/aesthetic of Gunscape is reminiscent of classic shooters such as Doom/Wolfenstein, Goldeneye 64, Turok, Time Splitters, and Unreal Tournament. Up to 8 players can help create a level online and split screen on PC and Xbox One, while PS4 is limited to 4 player split screen but up to 8 can help online. The early access build of Gunscape is out on Steam for free right now, with individual themes that can be bought in game. The game will see a full release on September 9, along side the Xbox One and Mac versions of the game. The PS4 version of Gunscape will see a Q1 2016 release.


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