PS4 update 1.7 to remove HDCP protection and enhances Share features

Sony finally takes off HDCP on the PS4 and adds new features to Share.

In a move that felt like it took years to do, Sony has just announced on the Playstation Blog that in the next coming update, update 1.7, they will be removing the HDCP protection off the PS4. Now what’s so special about this update? What makes this update exciting is that You Tubers, reviewers, LPers, and anyone who had a game capture device will finally be able to capture gameplay in the game’s native resolution with out having to use a complicated work around. 
For those who want to be able to record their gameplay but don’t have a capture device or think that the PS4’s Share function is a bit lacking, Sony has you covered. In addition to the removal of HDCP, update 1.7 will also add in new features to the Share function. Now players will be able to download their gameplay videos on to a USB drive if they want to edit out side the system. They also will be improving the in system video editor for those who just want to quickly edit and post.
The 1.7 update should be coming out in the next few weeks, so be sure to leave your PS4’s in Sleep Mode if you want to automatically get the update.


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