PlayStation Experience 2016: Dreadnought trailer



The first time that I saw Dreadnought was at PAX South 2015 for the PC (which you can see an interview with a developer of the game here). The game was a 5v5 team deathmatch shooter that had players pilot various types of warships in space, ranging from support ships to the the lumbering but powerful Dreadnought class ships. Depending on the ship type picked, the gameplay that players experienced was either fast and frantic or slow and methodical. The game has been out in beta for about 2 years and now is about to set a course for the PS4.

During the Playstation Experience 2016 keynote conference this past weekend, Grey Box and Yager announced that Dreadnought was making its way to the PS4 and released a trailer for the game, which you watch below:



Dreadnought is currently in closed beta on PC and will have a closed beta for the PS4 soon.


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