PAX South preview: tinyBuild’s BOID and Check-In, Knock-Out

In the gaming industry one of the most effective tools in getting your game notice is getting booth space at conventions and expos, such as PAX South for example. The problem is, especially for indie developers, that there are other indie developers who are fighting for the same space. And let’s not forget about the AAA developers/publishers who can spend the cash for big booths. Which leaves even less room for indie devs to showcase their stuff. This were indie publishers/developers like tinyBuildGames come in.




They have walked that same hard road of development, getting burnt by publishers and heart ache all too well. So they switched from development to publishing to help out other indie developers with their previous experience, funding, knowledge, production, artwork, guidance and much more to make other indie devs games better. Now tinyBuild will be walking into PAX South this weekend showing off nine games. While I would love to devote time to see all of them, I picked two games that stood out to me and I though that were really cool. The first one is BOID a class based RTS.




Even though BOID was released on Steam two weeks ago, there wasn’t really much information about the game that was released. So hopefully the developers are able to go in a bit more detail about how this game came into being. The next game that I will be checking out at tinyBuild’s booth is Check-In, Knock-Out.


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