PAX South 2017 Preview: Hand of Fate 2 by Defiant Development



Developers have been combing two different two different kinds of gaming mechanics into one new game for quite a while now. Sometimes they make sense and sometimes they don’t. And there are combos that just make you scratch your head in confusion yet surprise you with a really good game. Hand of Fate was one of those games. I reviewed it back in 2015 (which you can read it here) and it really confused me at first. How does one combine elements of a dungeon crawler/rouge-like with elements of a card deck builder game? Well enough for developer Defiant Development to work on the sequel, Hand of Fate 2.



It’s been a hundred years since the events of the first game and the hero from the game has taken over the land after defeating the mystical dealer and has become a ruthless tyrant. The dealer returns to extract his revenge and trains a new heroine (that’s you) to carry out that revenge. New elements have been added to the game such as new styles of combat, having companion characters providing combat support, new challenges and much more. I really enjoyed the first game, so I’m excited to see what the developers have in store. Hand of Fate 2 will be releasing sometime in 2017 on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC via Steam. If you would like to see the game in action, Defiant Development will be showing off a playable demo at PAX South this weekend.



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