PAX South 2016 Preview: tinyBuild get gamers rolling on the Road to Ballhalla



Ever since the release of the Unreal 4 engine, both indie and triple A developers have been using and experimenting with the tool set. Developer Torched Hill teamed with tinyBuild for Road to Ballhalla.



Road to Ballhalla is a rhythm-driven puzzle platformer that has you guide a ball through world in sync to music. As you go through each world, you have to avoid traps and solve puzzle while being guided by insidious floor texts. Get through quest you’ll open up tons of secrets and bonus content. If a story about traveling through Ballhalla isn’t for you, you can always try to beat your friends’ high score in community made levels. Road of Ballhalla kind of reminds me of those follow the path games that pop up from time to time on the Google and iOS app stores.

Ballhalla has a launch window of mid-2016 and will have a playable demo at PAX South 2016 next week.


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