PAX South 2015: Gigantic impressions and developer interview

Ever since Blizzard revealed their newest game, Overwatch, it seems that developers both large and small are entering the 5v5 class third person shooter, a genre that Team Fortress 2 perfected. It seems that there is one game that plans to challenge Overwatch and that game is Gigantic. PAX South was their full grand reveal and I had the chance to go hand on with t he game. I do want to disclose that these impressions are of the build that was playable at PAX South. The game is currently in alpha and may have gone through several changes.

The game plays similar to most third person shooters with the only difference is that once your team activate enough way points,  you summon your guardian. You then fight side by side with your guardian to defeat the posing guardian. Gamplay is pretty simple, left click is skill one, right click is skill two, Q & E are skills 3 and 4, aiming is done with the mouse and movement is done with WASD. Battles are frantic and can get chaotic real quick. But don’t worry if you’re way behind, there were moments when I was playing that my team was way behind and it looked like that we were going to lose. Then out of nowhere we turned it around and came from behind to win. After a couple of playing a couple of matches and watching a few, I could make out a few meta game scenarios. If a meta game is forming and the game is still in alpha, usually there is something special about it  and Gigantic is certainly special.


The developers seem to think so too. After playing my first round, I had a chance to talk to two of the developers about the game and what they hope to accomplish:



I see big things happening for Gigantic in the near future. If you want in on the action, head on over to www.gogigantic.com to sign up for a chance to play test the alpha.


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