PAX Prime 2014: Gat tears Hell a new one in new Saint’s Row IV DLC

One of the most loved characters in the Saints Row franchise has always been Johnny Gatt. Right from the get go you knew that Gatt would always have your back, no matter what trouble you would get into. Well it looks like the Boss is going to need him more than ever. At PAX Prime 2014, Deep Sliver and┬áVolition, in association wit High Voltage Software announced a new stand alone DLC game staring Gat. Many might wonder now after taking over Steelport, Stillwater, the USA, the World and an intergalactic empire, what’s next for the Saints? This should answer that question:

In Gat out of Hell, the Boss is kidnapped by Satan and is forced to marry his daughter. Its up to Gat and for some odd reason Kinzie to go to hell to save the Boss. Along the way the players will be able to uses brand new weapons, powers and much more to raise hell in…..well hell. The game will come in two flavors, a stand alone DLC for $20 and the Saints’ Row IV Re-Election edition with a price not yet determined. It will see a release on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC January 25, 2015.


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