NISA to localize Fairy Fencer F

NISA powering up 2014 with tons of JRPGs, first starting with Fairy Fencer F.

At their yearly press event, NSA has revealed that they have secured the localization and distribution rights to several JRPGs. One of these games is Fairy Fencer F. Developed by Complie Heart, the same company that created the Neptunia series (more on Neptunia later on) Fairy Fencer F is a turned based RPG that uses an evolved version of the Neptunia battle system. If you are looking at the logo and are thinking, “Why does that logo feel so familiar?” It should look familiar as well as the style that the concept art, since Yoshitaka Amano is on board. You may recognize his work as concept artist for the Final Fantasy franchise. He’s not the only former Square Enix employee working on the game. Composing the music for the game is the legendary Noubo Uematsu. NISA release a trailer that show what Fairy Fencer F looks like:

The 2D art looks really pretty and I really like the beat of the games theme song. I enjoyed the Neptunia games and if this plays anything like them, I’m sure I’ll enjoy this game too. Fairy Fencer F will be seeing a release sometime in Fall 2014.


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