NIS America to release a standard edition of Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge


One of the cool perks of being a news writer gaming/anime is getting to discover all sorts new games and anime that you may have never heard of or watched before. One such anime is Arakawa Under the Bridge. From what I’ve looked up, it stars Kou Ichinomiya, wealthy future head of the Ichinomiya corporation. All of his life he has followed one rule: never be indebted to anyone. Then one day he gets into an accident and almost drowns in the Arakawa river. That is when a mysterious girl by the name of Nino saves him. Not wanting to be in debt to her, Kou asks what can he do to repay her and she gives him a weird request: for him to love her. Thus begins his new life under the Arakawa bridge with her and a whole village of weird  people.

That’s the gist of the series. Anyways this is about the second season of the show. NIS America has announced that fans of the first season can now buy the standard edition of the second season Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge. The second season goes in to Kou’s and Nino’s relationship deeper all the while adding new zany characters that live under the bridge.

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge standard edition is up for pre-order right now and will release on April 29, 3014.


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