Nintendo Financeial Results Briefing 2014 Overview: The games


In the last post, we took a look at some of the hardware and software numbers that have caused Nintendo to post a loss for the third fiscal year in a row. To sum that post up, gamers want more than just Nintendo characters. Now that Iwata has acknowledged that the Wii U isn’t doing so well and the 3DS is the only thing that is making any money, how can he make the company come back from this loss? With games of course. In this second part of the Nintendo Financial Results Briefing 2014 Overview, we’ll take a look at the games that Iwata has mentioned that will try to bring back the gamers to Nintendo. We’ll start with the system that is making Nintendo money right now; the 3DS.

As everyone knows, the 3DS and its various iterations are Nintendo’s main money maker right now. With that being said, Iwata has stated that they will continue to push the 3DS and take advantage of it install base of 43 million users by releasing more games for the system. The major game that Nintendo will push is the new Super Smash Bros for the 3DS:



Also in a surprise announcement ahead of the briefing, Nintendo will be release Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire:


These Pokemon games are remakes of the original Ruby and Sapphire that were released on the GameBoy Advance. Both Smash Bros and the Pokemon games should bring Nintendo a healthy share of money since anything Pokemon will always be a hit and Smash Bro fans have been waiting forever for the next game and will quickly pick this up to tie them over.


Iwata finishes off explaining the plans for 3DS software by bringing in third party support. Right now they seem to be banking on four games: Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, Monster Hunter 4, Takio no tatsujin Don Katsu jikuu daiboken, and Yokai Watch 2.


Do note that Persona Q and Monster Hunter 4 are the only two games that will be coming overseas. Takio no tatsujin might be a bit too Japanese for Western gamers and as for Yokai Watch 2, its a franchise that has yet to be introduce to the West.


As Iwata moves on to the Wii U and the games, he states that they want to spend one full year to “Leverage Nintnedo’s own strength to regain momentum.” At first it is thought he is talking about Nintendo’s backlog library. This is not the case it seems. Right now they will be making a continual effort to support the current Wii U game releases and try to turn them into evergreen games. As for the games that they will be pushing hard for the Wii U this fiscal year they are Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros for the Wii U. He the briefly mentions a few third party developers that will have games making their way overseas. Games such as Sonic Boom, Persona Q, Monster Hunter 4, Shovel Knight, 1001 Spikes, Disney Infinity, Watch_Dogs and several others.

While its great to see Nintendo trying to focus on a strong third party line up, with the exception of Persona Q and Monster Hunter 4 the majority of the other games will be found on other platforms. It’s also strange to see that Iwata didn’t mention Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors or Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. Gamers know these titles are on the way but other than that there has been no information or at least a tease on them. Though I’m sure that thy might show up at E3 next month.


With games out of the game Iwata moves on to his final few points that mention new efforts to adapt to the changing business environment. In the final part of the Financeial Results Briefing 2014 Overview, we will take a look at what these efforts are and see possible new innovations.

Source: Financial Results Briefing for Fiscal Year Ended March 2014


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