New Danganronpa anime and game revealed

A few months back Spike Chunsoft had teased that they were working the next chapter in the Danganronpa series. In that teaser the Monokuma family showed off some new mechanics such as bluffs that will be used in the Class Trials. Other than that, there wasn’t any new information. This past wee though, there was a ton of new information that the developers revealed during a special Danganronpa Presentation Press Conference. First thing that was revealed was the title of the new game: Danganronpa V3: Everyone’s New Semester of Killing. This new game in the Danganronpa series has a brand new cast of students doomed to a school life of mutual killings. A trailer was released showing off some of the new characters and settings of the game:




“Great. But what about Makoto, his friends and the students of Jabberwock Island?” many fans have asked. Their fates will told through anime form as Spike Chunsoft has green lit a brand new anime called Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy. The anime takes place after the events of games Trigger Happy Havoc and GoodBye Despair and has Makoto facing a trial by Future Foundation for his actions in GoodBye Despair. Here is a trailer that shows off the older Makoto and a couple of his fellow survivors:



Both the game and the anime are set to make a 2016 release. Let’s hope that they do well enough for a possible localization to the West.


Source: Official Danganronpa website


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