More information revealed about Final Fantasy VII Remake at Playstation Experience 2015

When Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3 this past June, everyone broke down in tears of joy and fear: Many were ecstatic that one of the most beloved games in the franchise history is finally getting remade using today’s technology. Other were leery and fearful due to Square Enix track record since the release of Final Fantasy XIII. But one there was one thing that everyone wondered: What will the gameplay be like?

During the Keynote conference at the Playstation Experience 2016 this past weekend, SE revealed another trailer for FF VII Remake that showed off some gameplay:



After the fanfare had died down, the next day more information was revealed in an interview with┬áKitase and Normura. Both have stated that the scope of the game is way too big to fit into one blue ray. If they were to put the game into multiple discs just like the original, the game would see a release date of 2019. So in order to get the game out earlier and faster, the plan is to split the game into episodes. This statement has led fans into so much confusion. “What do they mean by episodes? Like TaleTell Games episodic?” Normura added in that even though the games will be split into parts, that they will have content that is equal to a full game. With this bit of news, its possible to deduce that the FF VII Remake will span over a number of releases, much like Final Fantasy XIII. As for the battle system, it seems to be a mix of Dissida and Kingdom Hearts with the ATB system added in.


It’s still to early to tell what SE has plans for the game, but it seems we’ll know more soon as they have announced that FF VII Remake will be making an appearance at JUMP Festa 2016 later this month.


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