Monster Monpiece coming to the West?

What do you get when you mix a card game with sexy anthropomorphic creatures/monsters? You get Monster Monpiece. Wha????

Now I’m not a stranger to CBG or card battle games are they are called, I have dabbled in a few in the past. I’ve played Tekken Card Battle, Marvel War of Heroes, Rage of Bahamut and Guardian Cross for Android and Uncharted: Fight for Fortune on the Vita.I know of the genre and how fast it is rising in popularity, especially in the mobile space. So when I heard that Monster Monpiece was release in Japan, I said to myself, “There is no way that would ever get a release in the West, no matter how good the art is or how well it plays”. Well Idea Factory had found a way. First off, what is Monster Monpiece? Here’s a trailer that was release for the West followed by an explaination of what Monster Monpiece is:

Monster Monpiece is a card battle game that has users collect virtual cards on a 7×3 battle field. For those who are confused as to what I am saying, just think of Yu gi oh but filled with female monsters. Sounds normal for the most part right? Well then there’s the way you seal and capture cards. Players will either poke or rub the touch pad and screen in order to capture them. As the poking/rubbing keeps going, the character on the card will start to lose layers of their clothing. So you can imagine why some would think that the game would not have a chance to come over. But apparently IF had made some changes and took out some stuff to have the game pass with an M rating. 
Whatever you may think about the game, I’m interesting in seeing how the game actually plays. I’ also glad that more and more Japanese game companies are starting to think about bringing their game over to the West. Let’s hope that trend keeps on continuing.


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