Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven to receive a June 2015 release date

The PS3 and the Vita are not the only systems to be feeling the JRPG love this Summer. The 3DS is also getting a few titles as well. In addition to Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson, XSEED as announced that they will be bringing over Lord of Manga: Maiden Heaven to the 3DS eShop. Lord of Manga is a turn based JRPG that follows Luchs, a failed innkeeper turned adventurer who must uncover the secrets of six fairy maidens he meets in mysterious circumstances. Not much is know about the game since this is a brand new IP from the developers of Rune Factory. XSEED did release this trailer to give fans an idea on what the game is about:



Lord of Manga will also have the following features:

  • Seven Heroines, Seven Stories – Each of the seven fairy maiden heroines who come to inhabit the inn have their own stories to tell, and building relationships with them will unlock new, specialized attacks to aid in combat when they join the battle party.
  • Strategic Combat Makes Every Turn Count – “Bowl” over as many enemies with a single strike as possible, challenging players to line up melee, ranged and magical attacks so frontline enemies are knocked into others for maximum collateral damage.
  • Craft Your Way to New Skills – In addition to unlocking new abilities, participating in Free Battles and registering for StreetPass can provide rare crafting items for use in creating new skills to help turn the tides of battle.
  • Adjustable Difficulty Levels and More – Players can toggle among Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties, use the Fast Forward feature to speed up combat as desired, or relive fond memories via in-game movie and art galleries.

The game will be released digitally only on June 4, 2015 for North America and June 6, 2015 for the EU


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