JUMP Festa 2015: Dragon Quest gets the Theatrhythm treatment

When Theatrhythm Final Fantasy was first revealed, a lot of people though it was just another cash grab money milker of a game that Square Enix has been releasing lately. But once gameplay was shown and the beautiful music that the series was known for remastered, fans quickly embraced it. So much so that a second game was released (Curtain Call) and fans wanted more of SE’s beloved properties to get the same treatment. SE has listened and has revealed at JUMP Festa 2015 that the next game in the Theatrhythm series will have Dragon Quest music. Here’s the trailer that is being shown at JUMP Festa 2015 this weekend:



I think its great that Dragon Quest is getting the  Theatrhythm treatment. There are so many classic tracks in the game that are very under appreciated (that and a majority of the games not localized) and its time that they get to sine.  Theatrhythm Dragon Quest will see a Japanese release date of March 26, 2015. There is no word of a Western localization, so I’m guessing depending on the Japanese sales and the fan demand rides on


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