JAEPO 2015: Katsuhiro Harada shows off new Tekken 7 characters Lucky Chloe and Shaheen

At JAEPO 2015, Katsuhiro Harada (decked out in a Pikachu kigurumi, more on that later) was on hand with 4gamer.net giving a quick explanation and walk-through of Tekken 7′ two new characters Lucky Chloe & Shaheen:




He gives a bit of background as to the designs of the characters and when each of their fights begin, he describes their various move sets and what type of martial arts they are modeled after. At least that’s what I am getting since the showcase in Japanese. When an English translation of the video is uploaded this post will update along side it. Regardless the language barrier, Tekken 7 is looking really good.


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