ISA and Helghast fight to be King of the Hill in latest Killzone Shadow Fall DLC


It has been a few months since Killzone Shadow Fall released along side the PS4. And while it wasn’t the grand slam that Sony wanted to be, it was still a home run for the fans of the series. Beautiful graphics showing off the power of the PS4, and a vastly improved multiplayer, Shadow Fall is a game that every PS4 owner should have. Speaking of multiplayer, developer Guerrilla Games  have announced brand new free DLC coming to the game.

In a blog post last week, it was announced that this Friday Shadow Fall will see a new mode/rule set that has never been in the series before; King of the Hill. While it many not seems that special since most modern day shooters have this mode/rule set, having Killzone fire fights in a concentrated area and then seeing everyone make a mad dash to the next point using the various weapons and gadgets that the series is known for will be a spectacle to see. The King of the Hill mode/rule set will have the following features:

  •   16 Player Limit – The community has requested strongly for 16 player battles. The new rules are designed for 16 player Capture & Move with 15 minutes per map.
  •  Shorter respawn time – In order to make the competition heated, the respawn time is reduced.
  • Point limit – The points needed to capture the location have been increased from 100 to 250, making it the gritty uphill battle you’ve always wanted from Killzone.


If you were wanting a reason to get back into the warzone, King of the Hill is your reason now. If you still haven’t bought Shadow Fall or you traded it in and want it back, Amazon has it on discount right now.


Source: Killzone.com


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