I’m back: Updates and a spotlighting favorite blogs

Hey I’m back after a very long absence with some updates about the blog and a new thing I want to do.

It’s been a pretty busy last few months for me after E3. Even though I didn’t attend, it sure felt like I did with all the news bits and trailers that I’ve posted up at original-gamer.com. Combine that with a new niece and a steady stream of games coming in for me to review, I didn’t have much time to post on my blog as much. Now that I’ve caught up with my reviews (for the most part at least, RPGs do take time to play through) I can slowly start writing more in this blog. While I get settled back into a habit of trying to keep this blog updated some what regularly with my personal reviews and reporting on all things anime, manga, video games and anything Japan, I’d want to do something new, well new to me at least.

I want to spotlight a few blogs/You Tube channels that really interest me and that I think that everyone should really look into. This will keep my blog somewhat up to date when I don’t have a review up and will highlight some of the content that I really enjoy. If you know of these people, then that’s good spread the word about their content. But if you haven’t heard about them give these guys a chance and check out their content. Who knows, you might learn something new, I know I do.


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