Idol Death Game TV trailer



As I’ve mentioned many times before on the site, one of my favorite things about reporting on the Japanese side of the gaming industry is learning about interesting and strange games the get published over there. One game had recently caught my eye that combines the bright and cheerfulness of idols with the violence of a Battle Royale type of show. This game is called Idol Death Game TV and its being released for the Vita in Japan. The gist of the game is that every year an idol group called Project 47 hold a competition called Dream of Dreams with all of its idols to see who will be come the center, ie main idol/leader. This year is the competition’s tenth year being year but for some reason things are a bit different.




What I think is interesting about the game is that the developers are taking the cut throat ultra competitive world of idols to an extreme where its killed or be killed. Hopefully this game eventually sees a Western release as this concept is really interesting and gamers in the West could somewhat relate to it. For now, its only getting a Japanese release and come out October 20th.


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