Idea Factory International to bring Trillion: God of Destruction this Spring 2016

While it has been reported that a majority of Sony’s first party developers will not be making games for the Vita, the system’s library of JRPGs continues to grow as developers such as Idea Factory International continue to support the system. This past week IFI has announced that they will be localizing Trillion: God of Destruction for the Vita.

Trillion puts players in the role of of the Great Overlord Zebolos as he is tasked to bring down the demon god of destruction, Trillion, who has defeated him and has taken over the whole world. Zebolos was on the brink of death till a necromancer by the name of Faust patched him together. Now back together he has vowed to continue to fight against Trillion and swears he will be defeated.

Idea Factory International also released  several screenshots of the game to show off what it will look like:




The game has been given a Spring 2016 release window.


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