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Now that I’ve had some time to get The Gaming Buddha the way I want it so far, it’s time to put out the help wanted sign. Over the past month and a half I’ve come to realize that trying to start a new site on your own is pretty tough work, especially when it comes to coding. While I can handle posting up news on my own for the most part, sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming to the point that it cuts in to other projects and ideals that I’d like to work on. Such as reviews, demo previews, videos and other possible content for the site. That is where you come in.


The Gaming Buddha is looking to bring on some staff members to help grow the site more. I am looking for mostly writers/reviewers to report on video games and other geeky related topics such as comics, anime, movies, cosplay and much more. Because let’s face it, video games are becoming embedded in various aspects of our society that inspires creativity, causes conversations and forces us to think about the way the industry is heading.


Now I’m going to be up front with you: this is not a paid position. This is based solely on a volunteer/freelance basis. I know that wanting to get paid to do something that you love is something that everyone strives for, trust me I was the same way when I first started five years ago. For the first few years, I wanted to quit, thinking it wasn’t worth it. Then I attended my first E3 and I realized that the reason I was in games journalism  was not for the money or the free swag that I got (even though that was a plus). It was because I loved the industry and I was given a chance that few have to see behind the scenes and let people at home know what’s going on. I wanted people who are not able to attend these kind of events to know that they have one of them, a fan, on the inside telling them what is going on in the industry.


Now if you have made it this far and the thought of not getting paid has not scared you off, I thank you for taking time to keep reading. So here is what I am looking for at the moment: writers/reviewers and artists/illustrators/graphic designers. If you are serious about wanting to write for the site and want more detailed information on these positions, send me a message through Facebook. It’ll be the fastest way to contact me. Thank you for time and I hope to hear from you all.



Mike V, EIC/founder



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