Freedom Wars trailer

A new trailer for Freedom Wars was released.

Ok so it isn’t really a new trailer, its just the same Japanese trailer but re-purposed for the Asian market outside Japan. But with such a busy 2013 I didn’t have the chance to show the trailer and report on it. So better late than never right? Either way here is the Freedom Wars trailer:

It’s the year 102013. Much of the Earth’s surface is destroyed and is inhospitable. This forces the human race to live underground. Over the years the underground bunkers that humans now call home are facing an over population problem. In order to combat this problem, anyone who has been arrested and declared guilty of a crime will be forced to fight monsters living on the surface, regardless if they are innocent.

Talk about a heavy sentence. From the looks of things it seems to be one part Monster Hunter, one part God Eater and a dash of Attack on Titan. The game looks really great from what I’ve seen and I hope it gets a Western release. God knows that the Vita could use more games.


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