First public demo of Project Morpheus at TGS, new demo revealed by Tekken producer

Other than its public debut at GDC and E3, there has been little information about Project Morpheus, Sony’s new VR headset prototype. At their pre-TGS conference they took sometime to mention Project Morpheus and even announced that TGS will be the first place that the general public will be able to try it out first hand. In addition to this, a new demo will be available to try out. The new tech demo is called Summer Lesson school girl and has you interact with a school girl in her room. Here is a trailer to the demo with commentary with a producer that you might not have expected:



The person behind the new tech demo is none other than Tekken lead Katsuhiro Harada. Now the first thought in many people’s mind (as noted in the video’s comments section) is that “this is softcore porn”, “is a gateway to harder stuff”, “ew VR hentai”, and “just work on Pokken Tournament you perv”. I personally think it’s interesting since it has you interacting with an AI and that AI will respond to you depending on nodding yes or no. That is something that I have yet to see from developers of Oculus Rift. So if your anyway near Chiba be sure to give this demo a try.


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