Earth Defense Force 2 to defend North America this Fall

One of the favorite video games that’s based on B-rated monster movies is the Earth Defense Force games. For those who have no idea who the EDF are, take a look at the Godzilla movies of the 80’s and the early 90’s. In each movie there is always a group of humans that try to take on either Godzilla or whoever he’s fighting that month with advance technology. Those people inĀ  the movies are known as the Earth Special Defense Force, or ESDF. The EDF based off that group in the movies. Though the West has received some of the EDF games (mostly current and last gen) one version of the game stands out as the best version Earth Defense Force 3 or as its known in North America as Earth Defense Force 2017. However there was one game that was better than 2017, but North America never saw. That game was Earth Defense Force 2.


Now for the first time thanks to XSEED and developer Sandlot, Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space will be released in North America on the Vita this Fall.



This version of Earth Defense Force 2 is an enhanced version of the original game. It will include a four player co-op mode, a new playable class and all new English dubbing. If you’re like me and you miss blowing up giant space invading bugs and kaiju, then be on the look out for Earth Defense Force 2 coming this Fall.


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