E3 2015: The Division gameplay trailer

The Division came out of left field when it was first revealed at E3 2013 and surprised pretty much everyone in attendance. The concept is pretty cool: a disease spreads throughout the US which causes the Government to shut down. Panic and chaos start to spread through the states, including New York City where the game takes place. What’s left of the US Government activates the Strategic Homeland Division, or The Division, to help take back control of the city and restore order. Gameplay is just as equally cool since it won’t just the AI that players have to worry about. Players will also have to worry about other human squads that might be wandering around the area. The game was suppose to see a 2015 release but was pushed back to March 2016. Ubisoft came to E3 this week to show off even more of The Division, this time two groups of human squads encounter each other:




It seems that even though teamwork is encouraged, anyone can go rouge and stab the team in the back for loot. The game looks awesome and I can’t wait for the beta to lauch later this year. The Division has a set release date of March 8 2016.


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