E3 2014: TJ Combo kicks off season 2 of Killer Instinct roster in reveal trailer


Everyone knew that a new season of Killer Instinct was in the works when Double Helix Games finished with season one. But then the studio was bought by Amazon and many fans were worried if season two would be canceled. Knowing that they have a hit on their hands, Microsoft enlisted the help of Iron Galaxy, the studio that worked on Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online, Marvel Vs Capcom Origins, Darkstalkers Resurrection and Dive Kick. Needless to say they know fighting games. With a new developer and hype for what the next season has in store, Iron Galaxy revealed fan favorite boxer TJ Combo at the Microsoft E3 Press Conference this morning with a new trailer:




TJ Combo looks better than ever as he gives Fulgore an all American beat down. Before the trailer ends, he shouts out “Is that the best you got Ultra Tech?” After he says that we can see a bright light reflect off of his back. This tease/hint signals the return of the molten criminal, Cinder. What a way to get the crowd pumped. Season two of Killer Instinct will be released in the Fall 2014.


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