Dragon’s Crown beginners’ guide: Introduction

Greetings and welcome brave adventurers! Its been a while since I’ve last posted, which was due to being busy with other duties. Now that I am free for the moment, I’m able to post a bit more. And for my first post back is a beginners’ guide to Dragon’s Crown.
I know that there are many guides out there that gives tips and details about the game. However, at least from what guides and wikis that I’ve read so far, none are tailored to the beginner adventurer or to those who are not really familiar with games like Dragon’s Crown. So to keep me busy when I’m not doing news and waiting for the next game to review, I’ll be working on a guide for beginners. This may not be of use for advance adventurers, but hopefully those who are green find some use for it. The next post will kick off the guide and will go into common skills that should be taken for every class. And if you want to know what I thought about the game, click here to read my review for the game.


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