Crunch time

So its been a while since I updated this blog of mine. Its not like I’m ignoring it or anything, its just since my last post, things have gone into crunch time. By that I mean game publishers and their PR people are starting to send out review copies of their games to various publications and websites. Which includes the team over at original-gamer.com.

Just this past week alone I wrapped up Just Dance 3 for the Kinect and Dance Central 2. Before that I finished up the ball busting hair pull enjoyable chaos that is Dark Souls. Then there was the gun-slinging antics of The Gunstringer, the rage infused origins of Kratos in God of War Origins Collection, the mind bending visuals and music of Child of Eden, the 8-bit throwback of Bit.Trip Saga, and kicking off the start of October with dungeon crawling goodness of ClanDun X2. In all that’s about 8 games in little over a month, and not including the three other games I just got from OG: Skylanders, Fate/Extra and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact. And this is just October.

November is when we get hit with all the triple A titles. Me personally I plan to go out and buy the MGS HD collection and Skyrim regardless if the site gets a copy and if I get assigned to review them. Plus there’s the possibility that I might get a review copy of Tekken Blood Vengeance.  I’m hoping that its the blue ray version so I can get my hands on Tekken Tag HD and the demo of Tekken Tag 2.

Here’s hoping that I survive till winter when the second half of the video game season begins lol.


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