Capcom reveals The Great Ace Attorney for 3DS




If you thought that Dual Destinies and his face off with Professor Layton was the time you were going to see Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright, then HOLD IT!!! Capcom has announced that a new game is currently in the works for the 3DS. The new game has been revealed as The Great Ace Attorney. This new entry to the Ace Attorney games will take place during the Meiji Era in Japan. The game will star Ryunosuke Naruhodo, a descendant of the current Phoenix Wright, as he aspires to become a lawyer someday. An announment trailer was released explaining what could be the setup for the game’s new story. Keep in mind that the trailer is in Japanese and a translated version of it has not been released yet:



The Great Ace Attorney will be directed by series creator Shu Takumi and EX Troopers and Monster Hunter director Shintaro Kojima will be acting as producer. The game is currently in development for the 3DS. I’m guessing that we’ll hear more about the game at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.


Source: Siliconera


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