Buddha’s Indie Game Showcase: Gryphon Knight Epic

After a few weeks off, Buddha’s Indie Game Showcase is back with a brand new indie game to showoff. Today we have a game coming all the way from Brazil called Gryphon Knight Epic by developer Cyber Rhino Studios. Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D side scrolling shooter that takes several cues from classic shooters of the past and mixes it with medieval theme. In addition being an shmup, there are elements of exploration that the players can find. So let’s see what our fellow gamers in Brazil have for us to play in¬†Gryphon Knight Epic:



For more information about Gryphon Knight Epic and Cyber Rhino Studios, check out the their website at gryphonknightepic.com, their Steam store page, YouTube channel and FaceBook page. Gryphon Knight Epic is out right now on Steam for $12.99.


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