Buddha’s Indie Game Showcase: 20XX

Ever since Capcom has dropped the ball on Mega Man games, fans have been searching all over for their fix of the Blue Bomber in any sort of form. The former Capcom employee and co-creator of Mega Man Keiji Inafune and his new company Comcept that he was going to Kickstarter to produce a proper spiritual sucessor to Mega Man called Might No. 9. After two sucessful Kickstarters, one to fund the game and one to fund DLC, and two years of development, Might No. 9 had been pushed back from a 2015 release to a 2016 due to Inafune wanting to polish the game up some more. To apologize for the delay, Comcept was going to release a demo of the game for backers, plus a copy of Mighty Gunvolt (a game by Inti Creates) on September 29. This two has been delayed due to a distribution error. With no game or demo, it seemed that no one was going to get their Mega Man fix…..until now.


For this Indie Game Showcase I bring you 20XX by Batterystaple. 20XX is a 2D platforming game inspired by the Mega Man X games with rouge-like elements mixed into the gameplay. Not sure what I mean? Then just take a look at the video and you’ll see:



For more information about 20XX and Batterystaple Games, check out their website at batterystaplegames.com, their Steam store page, YouTube channel, and Facebook page. 20XX is out on Early Access right now for the price of $11.99. When it sees a full release the game will be priced at $15.99. So if you think that 20XX may be what you’re looking for to relieve that Mega Man itch, then go ahead and buy now.


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