Amami Haruka ‘THE IDOLM@STER’ figure review

Hey how is everyone doing? Mike V. here and this will be the first of many figure reviews that I will be doing this year, hopefully. I usually do reviews on video games and anime for original-gamer.com, but since this is a new year, I thought I would do something new for a change.
I plan to gear these reviews to those who are new to figure collecting, those have a faint interest but don’t know where to start and to those who always wanted to know more about figures but where afraid to ask. As for myself, I’ve been collecting different kind’s figures for a while now and I’m still learning new and different things about them. For the first figure review, we’ll take a look at a figure that stands out from the rest of my collection: Fraulein Revoltech #005- Amami Haruka from the video game ‘THE IDOLM@STER’. Now before we get to Haruka-chan, a bit of background history on the type of figure.
The Fraulein Revoltech figure is from a company called Kaiyodo, which is located in the city Kadoma, Osaka Prefecture. Originally a small company, they grew in popularity over the years due to their sculptors’ attention to detail and their innovation of Revoltech. Revoltech is a smash up of two words, Revolver Technology. This technology was a new type of ratchet joint that is made up of two half spheres and a peg. This gives the figures a greater range of motion and allows for more dynamic poses. As for the Fraulein half of the name, Fraulein is a line of figures created in conjunction with toy manufacture Organic Hobby, Inc., that focuses on female anime characters. Fraulein takes the Revoltech and improves on it even further by hiding some of the sockets from sight, having ankles lock in place, multi directional shoulder joints and a new body system called E.L.F. holding it all together to give the figures a more lifelike and highly detailed poses.
Amami Haruka is from a video game series developed by Namco Bandai called ‘THE IDOLM@STER’. The game focuses on a small idol production studio called 765 Production. As Producer-san, it is your job to make the girls happy, have them practice their routines, book gigs for them and eventually have them be the top idol group in Japan.  Her figure stands at 150mm, or about 6 inches, with her stand. She comes with 4 sets of extra hands, butterfly wings, a crown; a cat’s tail with matching collar and of course her stand. Haruka has 18 points of articulation, which makes for some really great poses. Paired up with the back stand and her poses can be even more dynamic. Now a bit of a warning/PSA be careful when trying to take her out of the box. Her limbs tend to fall off when applying to much pressure. But don’t worry, they just snap right back on, I bring this up because that’s the first thing that happened to me. This is actually one of the selling points of most Fraulein Revoltech figures; they are highly customizable with each other. But put too much pressure and they will break. I already had this happen to me when trying to pose her for the first time. This was more of my fault rather than the build of the figure. Now before you go saying “Oh man you just blew a lot of money on a figure.” I didn’t really. Right now she is going for about $25 brand new. The one I bought however was $23 from poweranime.com. So really I didn’t break the bank and I got a quality figure for entry price.

Overall the Fraulein Revoltech #005- Amami Haruka is a very well made figure. She is both highly poseable and customizable with other Fraulein Revoltech figures. Just a word of caution: be gentle when handling her, or any figure for that matter. With just the right amount of force can break a limb off. But with the figure being $23, I’m sure you could buy another one for replacement parts and customization. For my first Fraulein Revoltech, I was pretty pleased and I can see myself buy more down the line. Again poweranime.com has this figure in stock right now for $23 if you’re thinking about picking one up.
That wraps up my first figure review. Hopefully you’ll find it useful when considering on buying the figure and the many more I plan to review. For the next figure review, I’m thinking of looking at one of my bigger figures that I have in my collection, one that dwarfs Haurka in comparison. Check back to see who, or what it is. Until then, happy collecting.  


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