Aliens Colonial Marines Suspense trailer

Aliens has to be one of the most iconic space sci-fi movies of all time. While the franchise has gotten various iterations of games, none of them managed to capture that same feeling of fear and suspense that the movie portrayed. Until that was until Gearbox came along.

SEGA and Gearbox released the latest trailer to the highly anticpated game titled “Suspense”. While the previous trailers show cased some of the frenzied action that players will get themselves into, this trailer revealed a bit more of the story and shows off that it call pull off the suspense that the movie is known for:
After watching the previous trailers, seeing a bit of the game back at last year’s E3, and watching this trailer, I can say that I’m very excited for this game. It captures the action and the suspense bits of the movie so well. The game is coming out February 12, 2013 and I will for sure to makes sure and pick this game up.


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