Buddha Plays Mordheim: City of the Damed- Welcome Sisters of Sigmar

In this episode of Buddha Plays, we take a stroll down Mordheim with the Sisters of Sigmar as they lay waste to enemy warbands and collecting wyrmstone in order to redeem themselves and save the soul of the city. More »

Buddha Plays Mordheim: City of the Damed- Meet the Skaven

With the year winding down and so many games still left to play, we travel into Mordheim to meet up with one of the warbands crazy enough to be in the city: the Skaven. More »

Buddha\\\\\\\'s Indie Game Showcase: Pixel Galaxy

In today\\\\\\\'s showcase, Buddha takes a look at a new twist in shoot \\\\\\\'em up genre, Pixel Galaxy. More »


PM Studios and Acttil are dropping beats with spiritual successor to the DJ Max series, SUPERBEAT XONiC for the Vita. More »

Buddha Plays Victor Vran Pt. 5

After being out sick for about a week, Buddha tries to quickly power level so that he can check out the special event that the developers have added in just in time for Halloween. More »

SUPERBEAT XONiC first impressions

I check out some rocking beats in my first impressions/preview of upcoming music rhythm game SUBERBEAT XONiC for the Vita. More »

Buddha\\\\\\\'s Indie Game Showcase: PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate

In today\\\\\\\'s Buddhas Indie Showcase, indie masters Q-Games brings the fast pace fun of PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate to the PC. More »

Buddha\'s Indie Game Showcase: Tango Fiesta

What do you get if Arnold Schwarzenegger\'s character from Commando was in every single 80\'s action movie? The answer is Tango Fiesta from Split Milk Studios. More »

Buddha Plays Victor Vran Pt. 4

Buddha retreads one dungeon, starts exploring a new one and fights a spider in real life in this extended Buddha Plays. More »

Blood Bowl II Review

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME BLOOD BOWL!!! Sharpen those fangs and strap on that helmet, Blood Bowl II is here and its looking to go all the way. More »


PAX South 2016: Deckbound Heroes interview


At PAX South 2016, developer Gareth Jenkins took some time out to explain the game that was on display, Deckbound Heroes.

PAX South 2016: Loot Gaming interview


At PAX South 2016, Loot Crate welcomes a new member of the Crate family: Loot Gaming. Bob from Loot Crate explains what Loot Gaming is and what can fans expect to see in it.

PAX South 2016: Moving Hazard interview and demo walkthrough


The good people of Psyop Games & IllFonic took some time out during PAX South 2016 for an debrief and demo walkthrough of Moving Hazard.

PAX South 2016: HyperX booth tour and interview


During PAX South 2016 this past weekend, HyperX invited us for a booth tour and showed off a brand new headset that they have developed in house.

PAX South 2016: Umbrella Corps trailer and gameplay


During PAX South 2016, Capcom was in attendance showing off Umbrella Corps at their booth over the weekend.

Buddha Plays Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Pt. 1


Buddha rides the desert sand dunes of Khara in search for answers to how humanity managed to survive.

PAX South 2016 Preview: Protect the last remnants of humanity as a robot janitor in Super Mutant Alien Assault

Super Mutant Alien Assault

One man dev team Chris Suffern and publisher Surprise Attack team up to protect the remnants of humanity at PAX South 2016 this weekend with Super Mutant Alien Assault.

PAX South 2016 Preview: Surprise Attack makes screen cheating necessary in Screencheat


Surprise Attack Games plans to show gamers at PAX South 2016 that screencheating can be fun with their new game Screencheat.

Terror Expo 2016: Urban Beardster interview


If you have a beard and are wondering what goes into maintaining a beard, the Urban Beardster has your back with his specality products.

Terror Expo 2016: Librettos of Strange Fantasy interview

Librettos of Strange Fantasy

Sit and listen as one of the creators of Librettos of Strange Fantasy explains how these tales of horror and fear are woven.